EUnited certifications: PM10 and Spreader Performance Test

EUnited - PM10 Label

Swingo 200+, Cleango 500, MFH 2500 and MFH 5500 receive 3-star PM10 fine dust label of the best class. Stratos with conveyor belt system and Premiumplus spreading disc receives class B and C spreader performance test labels.

PM10 certificate – Since its introduction in 2007, the EUnited PM10 test and the pertinent certificate have become the European standard for the performance of sweepers in terms of particulate emission. The certificate provides information about the environmental friendliness of a machine, thus facilitating the implementation of the increasingly demanded air pollution control regulations during the operation of sweepers. EUnited presented a new method of particulate measurement at the IFAT Entsorga trade fair in Munich. In addition to increasing the requirements on the measurement methods, the sweepers will from now on be allocated to one of the following three categories: Sweepers marked with one star comply with the high standard specifications of EUnited; two stars indicate that the concentration of the fine dust released is one-third below the defined maximum concentration; three stars are given to sweepers whose measurement results show a fine dust concentration even two-thirds below the maximum value.

All Aebi Schmidt compact sweepers, Swingo 200+, Cleango 500, MFH 2500 and MFH 5500, were given the highest rating of three stars. This means that their emissions of harmful particulates are well below the required limits.

EUnited - Spreader Performance Test labelSpreader Performance Test – The Stratos spreader by Schmidt with conveyor belt system and Premuimplus spreading disc was also certified in the classes B (3-8 m) and C (3-12 m) as part of the EUnited spreader performance tests. In this standardised test procedure, the spreaders are tested under field conditions. Using a consistent de-icing material quality according to European standard, the application rate and the spreading width are analysed by means of various test methods; depending on the spreading width, the spreaders are allocated to the categories A (1-6 m), B (3-8 m) or C (3-12 m). Only spreaders that successfully meet all requirements within the permitted tolerances receive the certification. The test has been developed for spreaders of all sizes, irrespective of their type. Conducting the test is voluntary for all manufacturers. Once they have successfully passed all tests, the machines are provided with a label of the corresponding category.

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