Cross-manufacturer vehicle systems

Two heads are better than one: Dautel and Schmidt combine their expertise to offer a system that makes body changeovers quick, simple and safe.


Your benefits:

  • 1 contactpartner

  • 1 vehicle for year-round deployment

  • 1 person conversion in just a few minutes

  • Transparent cost structure

  • Low base weight

  • More residual payload for de-icing agents, longer applic

  • 1 highly-motivated team of specialistsation routes

  • German quality expertise for over 180 years


DAUTEL TIPPERS and INTERCHANGEABLE SYSTEMS signify reliability, durability and robustness. The product portfolio includes various models of tippers, quick-change systems and body change systems. The mounting of crane equipment, roll-off
tippers, spreaders, mounting plates and hydraulics systems is no problem for our skilled team.
Made in Germany with over 80 years’ experience.