Chassis and frame

HB-S automotive high-performance snow blower


The HB-S railway snow blower is built in the tried-and-tested double frame design.

The chassis frame is seated on the two bogies. The blower head, the driver`s cabin, the engine compartment and all drive units are mounted on the support frame. The draw and buffing gear is also mounted on the support frame. The support frame is situated above the chassis frame. Both frames are screwed together with a ball-bearing slewing ring (slewing mechanism).


During vehicle operation, the two frames are multiply hydraulically locked against each other.

The HB-S railway snow blower is built in a 4-axle version (wheel arrangement BB). This means that two 2-axle bogies are fitted. The bogies are attached to the chassis frame by means of springs and shock absorbers (secondary suspension). All axles are driven by wheel set gears. The wheel set gears in the boogie are interconnected via cardan shafts. The bogies and the entire chassis are approved for speeds of up to 80 km/h during self-propelled and towing operation.


Slewing mechanism:

Thanks to a double frame design with a ballbearing slewing ring fitted between the two frames, the snow blower can change the direction of travel.

Beilhack HB-S

  • Beilhack HB-S