Driver's Cabin

HB-S automotive high-performance snow blower


For better visibility, both front windscreens are inclined to the front. Except for the door windows, all windows are electrically heated. In the front windows, large rotary windows ensure a clear view.

The sash windows are provided with strong electrically operated parallelogram windscreen wipers. The rear window is equipped with pneumatically operated wipers.


The access to the driver`s cabin is ensured by two side-mounted doors opening up towards the inside. From the driver`s cabin, the machinery room is accessible through a rear-mounted door.


In the front area, the instrument panel for the locomotive driver and the snow blower operator is fitted over the entire width of the driver`s cabin. All necessary operating elements for the drive control, the brake system and the operation of the blower head are fitted in the instrument panel. Just like the operating elements, the necessary display devices are also integrated in the instrument panel. The vehicle can be controlled and the snow blower can be operated from both the left-hand and the right-hand driver`s seat.


During vehicle operation, the driver`s cabin can be heated by the warm water heating system. At vehicle standstill or as an additional option, the cabin can be heated with a hot air heating system.

Beilhack Cockpit