Blower head of the HB-A

The blower head of the HB-A features 2 blower wheels with nominal diameters and depths that are designed for the required clearing capacity. The two blower wheels rotate in opposite directions. Each blower wheel is protected against damage by 4 shear pins.

A pre-cutting device is flanged to each blower wheel via an extension shaft for the purpose of breaking up hard-packed snow. The hydraulically swivelling upper pre-cutting devices for removing high levels of snow are fitted above the blower wheels. Every pre-cutting device is protected against breakage by shear pins.

The snow is transported to the blower wheels via a funnel-shaped component, the snow guiding device.

The blower wheels are running in the socalled blower wheel housings. Each blower wheel housing is equipped with a tangential chute, through which the snow is ejected over a distance of up to 40 m.

Each of the two ejection chutes can be swivelled together with the blower wheel housing by means of a hydraulic cylinder. Each ejection chute features a hydraulically operated ejection flap that allows for deflecting the snow jet to the front.

By extending the blower head halves, the clearing width can be increased from approx. 3,000 mm to up to 6,000 mm, depending on the design of the sliding frame.

The two blower head halves can be extended separately via the horizontal sliding mechanism. The two sliders are mounted in a welded frame.

The clearing head is lifted via two worm gear spindles which are driven by a joint hydraulic motor. The worm gear spindles are synchronised via a cardan shaft. For vertical adjustment, the entire clearing head is mounted in two parallel, vertical roller guides that can be adjusted vertically. Versions in which the clearing head is lifted via a rocker are available as well.

The blower wheels are seated on the blower wheel shafts of the straight-toothed blower wheel gears. The blower wheel gears are driven by hydraulic motors.

The hydrostatic drive works in a closed circuit. The operating pressure is approx. 220 bars. Versions in which the clearing head is driven mechanically via a cardan shaft are available as well.

If the output of the carrier vehicle is not sufficient for additionally driving the clearing head, we supply an appropriate motor unit (power pack) for the hydrostatic or mechanical drive of the clearing head.

Beilhack HB-A

  • Beilhack HB-A